Sisters Under the Skin

A SciFi Caving Novella 

They're about to learn what happens when you mess with the wrong caver...

Cordi Akelarre is an exoplanetary cave explorer, on the verge of the discovery of a lifetime. When a group of eco-terrorists sneak into Cordi's cave and try to steal her latest find, she's ready for them. There's a reason she's kept that cave a secret. It holds a mystery that could change the entire planet (and make her the richest woman in the solar system). Did they really think she was going to give up that easily?

This is the first of a series of novellas featuring Cordi Akelarre, exoplanetary cave explorer, disabled heroine, and semi-professional bad-ass.

She's not afraid of the dark. But the terrorists should be.

Dimension Stones: Real Magic Short Stories

Coming October 2018... Five dimensions of real magic and fantasy.

This short story collection includes: A PaleoIndian murder mystery; An enchanted bicycle protects a girl from German bombs in WWII Holland; An embittered cook serves lasagna to another dark sorcerer... and three other previously published stories!

Plus five new essays on evolutionary biology and the hero myth, gender in archaic society, and more


Non Metallic: Digital Version

Ebook version of Non Metallic Volume 1, exclusively available on Amazon. You can even read it for free with the new Kindle Library.

Or read a sample right here.



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Non Metallic: Near Future Science Fiction

Five near-future science fiction short stories, designed at the molecular level to enthrall and amaze. This collection contains Stever's previously published science fiction, as well as five new essays from the author on human creativity, consciousness, and story creation.

All stories are post-apocalyptic or involve the upcoming singularity (when humans transcend humanity), with a dusting of kick-ass action and Stever's trademark dark humor. This collection includes:

'NonMetallic' - Unaugmented humans have the right to live traditionally. Just don't look behind that curtain...

'The Judas Horse' - In a town tormented by insane super-soldiers, every transgression is punishable by death. So what's the harm in a little murder?

'Catch_all{}' - The Anti-Apocalypse is here. A friendly reminder from your automated overlord.

'Bob Ten' - Bob Ten has the strength of six men. But that's not nearly enough to destroy the alien invaders who stole his pants.

'A Time Without Roads' - The dumbing down of Earth has reached its crisis point. But our artificial stupidity is the only thing preventing an alien takeover.

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