Eric Stever Author Photo - Eric wears flannel

Eric Stever (E.C. Stever) is the author of humorous fantasy and science fiction adventures. He also writes non-fiction relating to history, and general science (which is the best kind of science). He has been publishing for over a decade.

Eric is a professional archaeologist in Idaho, and was previously a computer programmer. (Dear NASA: If you're recruiting for an expedition to those alien ruins on Omicron-Persei 8, he's the ideal programmer-archaeologist you've been looking for.)

Eric lives on the River of No Return with a geologist, two unrepentant marshmallow fanatics, and several hundred eyebrow mites (don't judge, you have them too). Alas, the coyotes have eaten his cats.

His favorite authors include: Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov, Neil Gaiman, Alexander McCall Smith, Vernor Vinge and Bill Bryson. Especially (especially), Bill Bryson's audio books.

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Rafting on the River of No Return