Ancient Astronauts Visited Aztecs. Local Archaeologist Claims Irrefutable Evidence…

Ancient aliens are real, and I have the proof right here.  I am presenting the evidence as fiction, in order to save my archaeological career. But my colleagues know that my new Horror SciFi book, set in the waning days of the Aztec empire, is a true account of why Moctezuma feared the conquistadors.

This book contains two stories of scifi horror and suspense, one set in the distant past, and a more recent attempted alien invasion, as reported to me by one very paranoid forest service firefighter. The book has just enough humor to keep you reading, and since it was written by an archaeologist, you know it's almost* 100% accurate.

The audio production of this book will be taking place in December of this year at Overcast Magazine. That will be free to all readers, of course. But in the meantime, pick up these scifi horror tales, with a special bonus (a sneak peak at my new fantasy novel). It's free to all Kindle Unlimited readers, and 0.99 for the rest of us.

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"It's The Martian meets The Evil Dead... at the end of the Aztec Empire." A new historical scifi horror from an Ancient Alien visitor.


*all professional archaeologists are familiar with the use of vague, yet confident sounding terms. Examples include: almost, nearly, potentially, and most useful of all, possibly.    

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