Co-writing During COVID times

In the past month I've tried an experiment ... writing with another author. We even have a small cabin we can use just outside of town. It has been fun--and challenging--and the biggest challenge is what to do if you have a slight cold.

In the past, I'd just ignore the problem. These sorts of colds start up just as the kids are going to school. We live in a small town, so the colds will be passed around in just a few weeks anyway, and you can bet that if one parent has a kid out sick, you will be next.

But now with the threat of COVID, we are being extra-special careful. This past week I decided to work outside of the writing cabin, while my co-writer worked inside. We talked a bit near the tailgate of my truck, then she went off to drink coffee and enjoy the heat, while I enjoyed the view.

It worked really well, as I had walked the field to the left of the photo until I figured out the plot problem.

And then the small yappy dog of interruption (in this case it was not metaphorical, but a poorly trained yappy dog from a neighbor) descended upon me, barking in a circle until I decided I was done for the day.

Still, we persevered and the scene is now completed. Huzzah for progress!

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