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Dragon Removal Service

The only thing that can save her from prison is . . . a dead dragon?

The war is over, the heroes are sleeping in, and the dragon is (mostly) dead. Across the kingdom, people are waking up and asking the same question: Who's going to clean this mess up?

Gulchima Brixby thinks she's the girl for the job.

She's just inherited the family construction company, and they're drowning in debt. Desperate for cash, Gulchima makes a risky decision. She signs a contract to remove all the left-over magic from the kingdom’s biggest town.

Fairy poo in the fountain? Swan-maidens under the bridge? Pumpkins that strangle you in your sleep? How hard could it be? It's only magic...

But when a dead dragon drops on their doorstep, the job gets difficult.

The dead dragon can't be pierced, poked, sliced, lifted, or separated. And she can't use magic to move it, lest she be branded an evil magician and executed.

If Gulchima can't move that dragon, the contract is void, and she won't get paid. And, without money to pay the debt collectors, she and the rest of her debt-ridden family are going straight to prison.

But, if Gulchima can figure out how the dragon was killed, she might save the contract.

Because it appears the dragon was murdered.

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Dragon Removal Service: Because heroes never take out their trash.