Whoa! Thank you for reading the first book in my new series, Dragon Removal Service.

The response to this book has been tremendous, and I’ve decided to shelve my other projects for now, to focus on writing the next in the series (sorry caver-astronaut fans!). If you want to know about why I wrote it, click here.

Thanks to everyone who left a review on AmazonGoodreads or at their favorite retailer. These reviews open the door to other advertising opportunities, and I can tell more people about the book. It really helps.

Dragon Removal Service will officially be a five-book series: I’ve outlined the story arc on a cardboard box in my basement (because I am a professional, and I had a marker). You know it’s official if it’s written on moldy cardboard.

All the books will feature Gulchima and her family as they navigate post-war Baltica, and deal with threats new and old. Unfortunately Hubward will die about halfway through book 3, so you better prepare yourself if he’s your favorite character (just kidding, he dies in Book 2 on page 37). And there will be many, many jokes about poo.

The second book in the series, A Magical School for Magical Fools, is coming out in late 2019/ early 2020. A free preview of the new book will be available to all fans (and a few enemies). Sign up here to read it first.