Eric Makes an Ebook: 1 – Questions to Answer

I decided to make an ebook to see what it was like and if it was hard and because I was distracted.

I was distracted because we were moving, and one day might involve shoveling snow for four hours to dig out a trailer, and the next might be cleaning the carpets, or ordering a uhaul, or whatever. It was extremely hard to concentrate.

So I wanted to keep working on something, but the distractions of a variable schedule made it hard to write new work. Instead I took this opportunity to learn about electronic publishing (which led to print publishing, which led to a publishing company, but I didn’t know any of that would happen when I started).

Before selecting a vendor (someone to sell my book). I set up some ground rules for myself. I am a professional after all. So in the middle of February I wrote this on a cardboard box:

Ebook Commandments
I. All work will be content edited (iterative creative process)
II. All work will be professionally copy edited
III. Don't forget to call Uhaul
IV. I will have professional covers
V. I will write more, if the readers respond to it


That's great to start with, but I had so many things to learn. It's overwhelming really. So I told my brain to only think about these things:

Ebook Questions For Smart Beginners

  1. Who sells ebooks besides Amazon?
  2. How much does it cost? 
  3. Do I need a bank account, EIN or DBA? 
  4. Do I need a ISBN? 
  5. Do I need to copyright?
  6. Do I have the rights to my work?
  7. What about previously published work? Find Contracts!
  8. How do you format an ebook?
  9. Do I need a print book?

The following blog posts will tell you what I found out, where I found it, and other side roads I went down. And all without hype or attempts to sell you "346 tips to better ebooks: An antidote to chaos and solution to sneezing" or some such thing.

I started investigating this in mid-February, and had an ebook up in mid-March (while moving, doing my other jobs, staying married, etc). So yeah, it’s possible, and even fun.

Copyright 2018 E.C.Stever

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