Free Audio Version of “The Moctezuman” at Overcast

Hello Faithful Readers!

I am excited to tell you all that my newest story, "The Moctezuman" is out on audio, via The Overcast Speculative Fiction Podcast. It will be totally free to you, because you seem like you're worried that you overspent on holiday presents already.  So don't stress, it's free! You can download it via iTunes, or through their website.

Real reason Moctezuma feared the conquistadors?

Best described as The Martian meets The Evil Dead, "The Moctezuman" is a horror-scifi story that takes place in the heart of the Aztec empire.

It's funny and horrifying, so basically... it's just like talking to me!

Also the text version of it is available for free today, (Dec 12) and usually 0.99. So check it out if you want to read the additional scenes.

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