A Free Book and Two $.99 Collections (September Sales)

Two short story collections on sale; and another free book for you

Did you know I started my career in 2006, writing short stories?

I have two collections of short stories that were published in professional magazines over the years. Both collections are on sale this weekend for $0.99 each (Friday 30th - Monday 2nd at noon). Take a look, if you love thoughtful scifi and fantasy short stories.

On Sale $0.99

A collection of near-future science fiction stories, including "Judas Horse", "Non Metallic" and "Bob-Ten (With the Strength of Six Men)"

★★★★ - "A Fresh New Voice in Science Fiction"

★★★★★ - "Miss Ray Bradbury? You'll love this."

Get It Now. Limited time sale.


Now On Sale: $0.99

A collection of Magical Realism and Fantasy short stories.

This has never been advertised (until now).

Stories include a Paleoindian murder mystery (my very first publication), a cook who seeks the end of the Sorcerer's war, and a knight who must atone for the monster he did not slay.

Get it this weekend. Limited time sale.

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  1. I left a review on th Amazon book page for the wonderful Montezuma short story. I also purchased other stories, which were priced at 99 cents, not free as promised above. I think it will be worth it because I like the imaginative mind if this author.

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