Free Copies of Non Metallic Ebook


As a gift to readers of this blog and in celebration of July 4th, 2018, I am giving away 7 copies of my book Non Metallic on Smashwords. This website offers all file types, so go there to get your free copy today using the coupon code:  BC22E .

Best of all you don't have to give me your email, or anything else (yep it's that kind of free). If you want to leave a review (Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords or anywhere else) that would be super duper. But why stress about it? It's a holiday weekend.

If you don't like doing reviews, then take the free book and do absolutely nothing. Or you can tell me directly what you thought at eric [at ]

I've sold a ton this year, and hope it continues. Thanks for all your support!


My newest scifi caving novella is with beta readers now, and will be ready for the end of the month. If you like action-adventure scifi featuring disabled heroines, then you're going to like Cordi Akelarre, exoplanetary cave explorer. Check it out on pre-order. 

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