Fuchsia Saturday: Two Free Books on Amazon

In celebration of Fuchsia Saturday (a holiday which I not only just invented, but may have misspelled) I am giving away copies of both of my new books. Seven Years of Liz is free on Amazon Nov 30, Dec 1, and Dec 2. And The Moctezuman is free on Dec 1.

So as you gather around the Baked Pineapple, and sing the Fuchsia Carol (The Theme Song to She-Ra, but slowed down in tempo), I hope you take time to enjoy the shorter things in life, which is what Fuchsia Saturday is all about, really.

A paleo-indian murder mystery and a young woman made of dryer fluff...Impossible depends on where you live.

Want to know the real reason Moctezuma feared the conquistadors?

Both books are short collections of stories, and will get you two books closer to your 2018 reading goals on Goodreads. And if you leave a review, I guarantee The Fuchsia Fairy will not leave Fairy Poo behind your ears this November 31st.

She-Ra, She-Ra y'all! Eric

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