Hide Your Guitars! My New Story on Amazon

Hide Your Guitars! The Aliens have landed.

My new space odyssey: "Intergalactic Redemption in the Church of David Bowie" is up for sale on amazon today.


And of course it's free on Kindle Unlimited.


The International Readers "No-Reason-Whatsoever" Sale  

Dragon Removal Service is now on sale in every country that Amazon serves, except America.

Use this convoluted link to go to the Amazon website in your country: https://storyoriginapp.com/universalbooklinks/fd5ffe76-7108-11e9-87b7-1b79acda5572

What about Japan? Yes, Japan is in there. Brazil? Surely not! Yes sir. Brazil was top of my alphabetical list.

How about the Netherlands? Of course, I have to make the inlaws happy.

New Zealand? Hah, you tried to trick me there. I'm not from the wop wops. Amazon doesn't have a New Zealand website. But I did set it for Australia, which should work for readers from that part of the world. So rattle ya dags and go get it.

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