I Never Should Have Written THIS (Free Millennial Vampire Ebook This Weekend)

...But I couldn't help myself. This ridiculous short story is free Thursday May 23rd - Sunday May 26th.  After that it will be free on Kindle Unlimited. It also hit #1 on Amazon Parodies, #1 Teen & YA Short Reads, and #2 on Humorous Fantasy (WOW).


Thomas is a free-range, organic, 100% natural vampire. But when the EPA threatens his blood-farming operation, and the mosquitoes on which it depends, Thomas has to do more than send a strongly worded Facebook post.

This young vampire has to bite  the power.

Tap here to get your free copy.


Big New here at Team Stever: I'll have a top-secret Novel coming out this Summer (exclusively on Amazon), and Book 2 of Dragon Removal Service (A Magical School for Magical Fools) is slated for December 2019. Join my list, to read it first.

I'm about halfway done with Magical School, and I recently figured out the ending, which, despite my best efforts, will not involve a breakdancing competition.

Thanks for taking a chance on my work!

Farewell From Idaho!


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