Magical School is Done!

The first draft of A Magical School for Magical Fools is done! This is the follow up to Dragon Removal Service, and yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. The book will be out this winter, and I mean that in the true sense of the word: between December 22nd and March 21.

I remember a time when finishing the first draft of a novel was an event to celebrate. Now, I know it's just the opening swim in the triathlon of writing. Still, we are all excited in the Stever household at this, and other, exciting news (do you see why I have to edit so much: I used excite twice in one sentence).

Step II is, of course, the developmental edit. That is where I read it and weep, (or sometimes: laugh). Then, I have to edit the damned plot so the damned people who pay attention to damned things like "who died in chapter 3" or "what shoes are they wearing" don't murdalize* me. Finally, when the jokes are all exactly the way I want, and there's some semblance of story to fill in the time between jokes, I will send it off to the the copyeditor, and make me a real cover!

All this, and I do the cat litter every few months or so? Amazing!

"What's next?" I'm sure you are asking. Well, after I wash my dirty, cat-litter tainted hands, and do all the editing and so on, I will write something entirely different. I have of course, several hundred ideas vying for my attention.

A follow up to my exoplanetary caving story? Another Millennial Vampires Save the [blank] story? A YA SciFi novel that will ruin kissing forever? Or maybe something about zombies?

What would you like to read next from me? Let me know: 

As always, thanks for taking a chance on my work! Eric

*I assume murdalize is a word, unless Shemp and Moe have misled me all this time.

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