(More) Free Copies of Non Metallic Ebook

Wow, promotions really do work.

Since my July 4th promotion, I've been selling a lot of pre-orders for "Sisters Under The Skin", my new science fiction novella about exoplanetary caving. So I wanted to double-down on this offer: For the rest of July I am giving away copies of my book Non Metallic on Smashwords**. This website offers all file types, so go there to get your free copy today using the coupon code:  SS100

**Shhh: I also made it free on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Tolino, iBooks... basically everywhere! Or you can just email me and I'll send it to you: eric@ecstever.com.

If you want to help me out, leave a review (Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords or your choice retailer). If you don't like doing reviews, then take the free book and do absolutely nothing. Well... you could read it.

Thanks again for all your support!   Eric

My newest scifi caving novella is ready for release on July 28, 2018. This is the story of Cordi Akelarre, an exoplanetary cave explorer on the verge of the discovery of a lifetime. When a group of eco-terrorists sneak into Cordi's cave and try to steal her latest find, she's ready for them. There's a reason she's kept that cave a secret. It holds a mystery that could change the entire planet (and make her the richest woman in the solar system). Did they really think she was going to give up that easily?

She's not afraid of the dark. But the terrorists should be. Check it out on pre-order at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Smashwords.



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