New Story Bought by Overcast!

I am excited to tell you all that my newest story, "The Moctezuman" was just sold to The Overcast Speculative Fiction Podcast. It will be available in audio format (only) on iTunes and through their website. Production will start in September, and the recording will feature an interview with yours truly.

Best described as The Martian meets The Evil Dead, "The Moctezuman" is a horror-scifi story that takes place in the heart of the Aztec empire.

It's funny and horrifying, so basically... it's just like talking to me!


My newest caving novella is ready for release at the end of the month (July 28, 2018). If you like action-adventure scifi featuring disabled heroines, then you're going to like Cordi Akelarre, explorer of alien caves. Check it out on pre-order. 

She's not afraid of the dark. She's afraid of what she might do to protect it.


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