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Non Metallic

The Singularity is coming to small-town America. Don't get left behind...

This collection includes: 'A Time Without Roads' - The dumbing down of Earth has reached its crisis point. But is our artificial stupidity the only thing preventing an alien takeover?

'NonMetallic' - Unaugmented humans have the right to live traditionally. Just don't look behind that curtain...

'The Judas Horse' - In a small town tormented by insane super-soldiers, every transgression is punishable by death. So what's the harm in a little murder?

'Catch_all{}' - The Anti-Apocalypse is here. A friendly reminder from your automated overlord.

'Bob Ten' - Bob Ten has the strength of six men. But that's not nearly enough to destroy the alien invaders who stole his pants.


Praise for the Title Story "Non Metallic" (Originally published as "Tailings of Men")

"Best among the longer stories might be Stever's 'The Tailings of Men,' in which most of humanity has transcended, in a sense, and the narrator lives in a sort of museum town of unaugmented humans."
--Rich Horton (sfsite.com)

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