Pick Up that Empty Plastic Egg!

Today being Easter, we’ve finally burned the Christmas Tree, celebrated the end of skiing by watching crazy people skim across a pond of water, and yes picked up almost all the plastic eggs. This year’s hunt was “too easy” according to my children, so I’ll have to have a word with the Easter bunny and let him (her?) know. (Do followers of Zoroastrianism have an Aster Bunny? One wonders about such things after six cups of coffee)

Over the next few weeks I should find a few plastic eggs scattered about the lawn. I usually forget to pick them us, and alas, I hit one (or five) with my lawnmower blade, thus increasing the cleanup work by a factor of ten. So this is a note to Eric: Pick up the eggs!

On to writing: I’m busy at work on Magical School for Magical Fools (draft will be done by the end of April), and excited to mention I’ve found a wonderful (and patient) comma-slaying editor to help with both Book 1 (Dragon Removal) and Book 2 (Magical School). I will also have a collection of short stories coming out this year, title to be announced soon.

And in addition to the recent award from Kartchner Caverns, I also have a new award to mention. It’s a BIG DEAL (all caps, no breaks). But I wanted to leave this on a cliffhanger. So, I’ll save that for next time 😉

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