(Thanks)Giving away Pratchett’s Going Postal

As a thank you to all those that bought my latest book, I wanted to give away two copies of Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. You have good odds of winning this amazon giveaway: https://www.amazon.com/ga/p/2ecf12dcdf42c31b

Going Postal was the very first Terry Pratchett book I had read, and to be honest, I had given up on the fantasy genre by that time. Terry Pratchett's storytelling and humor changed that for me, and ignited a personal-reading-renaissance of sorts.

I proceeded to consume most of his collection, and Gaiman's as well, and now... well, now I am a fan.

I chose to give away this book because I walked into the story knowing nothing about the world or the previous 30+ books, and was able to follow and enjoy it. That's the magic of Pratchett's Discworld I think. It doesn't matter what door you use,  or what floor you get in on.

You'll be delighted once the door is opened.

Enjoy! Eric

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